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In this article we are going to talk about the many different ways you can get Element on Fjordur. Fjordur unlike most other maps is absolutely full of ways to farm or generate Element. I picked out several different methods for you, and I’ll also tell you if they’re more suitable for beginner or advanced gameplay. Note, however, that you will need the unlocks from boss fights to use the element effectively. So let’s start with the easier methods:

Tek animals:

If you tame, breed, kill and farm Tek animals you can get scrap metal, electronics, oil, and Element dust. Through various experiments, Tek Parasaurs turned out to be the most efficient type of animal. This won’t give you super much elemental dust but still enough if you want to use it for recipes, for example. This method is pretty easy. All you need is time, space and motivations to raise Parasaur babies to farm them once they are adult.

Element Gachas

The second easy and safe way is to tame Element Gachas. Normally I wouldn’t recommend you to go for it, because the luck of getting an Element Gacha is usually quite low, but there are so many Gachas spawning on Fjordur that even I managed to tame two Element Gachas within a week. Element Gachas are probably the best passive Element generation you can do on Fjordur with absolutely no trouble. Tame the Gacha by throwing snow owl pellets in front of it (I know most guides tell you to give them structures to tame, but honestly, who has that many structures left in the early game, and we don’t need a perfect tame). On the contrary, if we find a low level Gacha, we can clone it later for cheap.

Have Gachas produce only Element Dust

To make the Gacha produce Element dust, you have to select Element dust in the production menu, otherwise it will produce everything that is available in the production menu. Then put at least two snow owls in front of the Gacha and feed him with resources. Here again are countless guides that want to tell you which resources you should feed, but I’ll give you a trick that I learned on official servers—because they always try to choose the most favourable option. Feed berry seeds.

Tame an Iguanodon, stuff its inventory full of berries and then use the Iguanodon option to get seeds from these berries. You will quickly get thousands of seeds that will keep your Gacha busy for at least one real time day. Although the seeds are not the highest quality food, but you get them quickly and cheaply—especially if you already have a greenhouse and on the other hand resources need only low-quality food anyway.

Crafting skill does the trick!

Over time, you will need to level crafting skill on your Gacha, this will increase the amount of resources you get. Once you are at 180 Element dust per crystal, you have reached the maximum and do not have to level it further. All further levels in crafting skill would then only cause that you get less dust crystals but more item crystals. This method is also relatively simple and safe.

Element Shards

You can also farm Element Shards on Fjordur. This is a medium-dangerous method, because you have to fly into a cave inside several caves to harvest them. One is in the Wyvern trench and once you cleared the cave from Magmasaurs, you can collect the Element Shards with your Ankylosaurus. It is medium dangerous because Wyverns can follow you into the cave, but also because there are Magmasaurs, Golems and other small critters that want to make your life miserable. But once you have eliminated them, you can relax and farm Element shards. These can then later be converted into complete element in a replicator. So it is not good to farm at the beginning to make a replicator but is helpful later when you convert the shards and then use them as element.

You can also farm Element shards in smaller quantities from the Aberration cave and the underwater Element ore cave that I will talk about later. Just hit the normal rocks around you and they should provide a small amount of shards.

Mini Bosses: Hati and Sköll, Beyla, and Steinbjörn

Now let’s move on to the more dangerous methods and that is fighting mini-bosses. There are three different mini bosses on the map and they are the wolf twins, the bear and the giant bee. All three reward you with Element after you defeat them. You get 30 Element per boss. To summon these bosses you need runestones which you get from killing alphas. You need a total of 30 runestones per boss spawn and the cooldown between bosses is about one hour.

Island Bosses: Broodmother, Megapithecus, Dragon

After you have defeated the mini-bosses, you will unlock access to the Island bosses. These are the same bosses you know from The Island, but in new arenas. To my knowledge, these even give the full amount of Element they would on The Island. At least in my attempt with the Megapithecus Gamma, I got 40 Element when I defeated it.

Final Boss: Fenrisúlfr

Once you defeat the final boss you will also get additional Element. 100 Element for Gamma, 150 Element for defeating Beta and 500 Element for the Alpha fight.

Crafting Element on Fjordur

Probably the most complicated method is crafting Element. This recipe has been in the game since Aberration and is not used that often, at least in PvE. To craft Element you need: 8 full batteries, 15 blue gems, 20 congealed gas ball, 20 element ore, 20 green gems and 10 red gems.

Green Gems can be found in the underwater cave at lat: 40:52 and long 31:67. Just follow the water tunnel, and you will enter a Genesis 1 ocean inspired cave hidden behind a forcefield wall. The cave has some dangerous animals, so bring backup.

Red and blue gems can be found in the aberration cave at lat: 56:52 and long: 84:61 You’ll have to return to this cave later when you’re ready to craft the element. So this cave will remain very important.

The gas balls can be found in another cave. But before you go there, you will have to build one or more gas collectors. Collecting gas with them will take a while, because the gas balls are generated in them. Here is the recipe for the collector

  • 75 Metal Ingots
  • 60 Cementing Paste
  • 40 Crystal
  • 20 Red Gems

You can unlock it at level 40, and it can then be made in the normal smithy

Find the gas veins

You will find the Gas veins in a cave at the coordinates: lat 86.1 and long 05.3. After the long bridge you go left—it is best to bring light, because there are some gaps in the ground on the small pathway.

You can recognize the gas veins by the pink haze that comes up from the ground. Place the gas collector on this spot. Gas collectors take damage over time, so you can’t leave them there permanently. The generation of gas balls will take some time, so it makes sense to place collectors on all gas veins to let them generate simultaneously.

Alternatively you can travel to Balheimr, the volcanic island southeast of Midgard and farm the sulphur stones in the sulphur lake, best take an Ankylosaurus or Doedicurus with you. Then you get condensed gas and if you put it into a forge, it converts it into congealed gas. This is probably faster and easier than waiting for the veins.

When you are ready, you are now faced with the hardest part—getting Element ore. This is in an extremely deep underwater cavern filled with alphas of every kind. Alpha Megalodon, Alpha Tusos, Alpha Mosas – you name it. The entrance has the same hexagonal basalt rock you know from wyvern canyons, and you’ll find it deep underwater. Either take a troop of strong underwater animals with you or do as we did and take an Exo Mek Suit. But keep in mind that this is only available to you after you have defeated the Genesis 2 boss.

Here you can see how the element ore stones look like. You can also farm ambergris and element shards in small amounts down here. An underwater Ankylosaurus – an Anky that has been completely levelled in oxygen—or the hand pickaxe are good methods to farm. The Dunkleosteus on the other hand is rather useless. It gets more metal than Element ore.

Getting batteries

The last thing you need is batteries. This is an aberration recipe and requires these resources:

  • 4 Crystal
  • 10 Metal Ingots
  • 15 Polymer
  • 20 Congealed Gas Balls

You can unlock them from level 71 and craft them in the smithy.

The initial crafting of Element

Once you have all the materials, go back to aberration cave and the charge nodes that are there. There are only two for the whole map, so on multiplayer servers it can be very competitive. First put your batteries in and let the charge node charge them. Once they are charged, put the rest of your ingredients in and start the Element craft. You can always craft 3 Element at a time before the charge node goes into cooldown for 5 minutes.

You can also choose an easier way for these crafting processes. Likewise, you still have to go to the underwater cave to farm element ore, but you can generate all other resources by using Gachas. In Vanaheim there are a lot of them almost everywhere. Look for the productions red crystallized sap, blue crystallized sap, congealed gas balls and fragmented green gem. These can be used instead of the previously mentioned resources. Only the element ore you have to get yourself.

So much now for the crafting of Element.

Getting Element with a Ferox

The last method is more of a meme-method of getting Element dust. If you have a ferox and release it from a cryo pod or throw it from your shoulder, it burrows in the ground for element dust. You get about 20 Element dust. Not much, but if you have recipes that contain element dust, for example, that’s often enough for a few crafts.

This is how you get Element on Lost Island.

All methods to get Element on Fjordur in ARK Survival Evolved – ARK Magazine (2024)


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